There may still be active volcanoes on Mars!


Mars appears to be a dry planet on which nothing has happened for billions of years. Occasionally a dust storm can hit the planet, except Mars depicts a barren land with a few frozen desserts.

But researchers predict that Mars may have undergone some recent activity and could be an active volcano. Curiosity and perseverance, like the rovers from NASA, can help uncover the mystery of Mars. Scientists are still trying to figure out the history of Mars.

About 4 billion years ago, Mars was quite humid and warm. But about 3 billion years ago, a mysterious thing happened on Mars that caused moisture and water to settle beneath the surface. A strange thing is still unknown truth.

According to scientists, volcanic activity on Mars occurred from 3 to 4 billion years ago, and several eruptions could have occurred about 3 million years ago.

Recently, orbiters orbiting Mars have discovered a lot of data about Mars. They display several pieces of information about unknown regions of Mars. One of the latest information received concerns a volcanic eruption that may have occurred about 50,000 years ago, which, according to astronomy, is relatively young.

The author of this study, a scientist from the Institute of Planetology, believes that this may be the youngest volcanic activity on this planet.

According to the researchers, the disturbed surface of Mars could have been the result of this pyroclastic eruption. Pyroclastic eruptions occur due to the expansion of gases, leading to an explosion of magma. This is similar to the reactions that occur after vigorously shaking soda.

For the most part, the lava flow and volcanic activity of Mars resembles Earth, but this pyroclastic eruption is quite different.

The author said that this characteristic remains a relatively new and thin ash and rock deposition that surrounds the underlying lava flows, indicating a different type of explosion than previously known pyroclastic structures.

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