Microsoft Teams is launching a service for friends and family

Microsoft Teams today released a new personal version of the app. In this version, people can meet friends and family in personal time. This app is known to be a professional platform for people to formally meet.

This service is exactly the same as the Microsoft Team used by businesses. This makes it easy to chat, make video calls, share calendars, locations and files with your personal contacts. Microsoft also continues to offer free 24-hour video calls. This means that the call lasts 24 hours, allowing users to meet more than 300 people without time constraints.

However, the 24-hour service is only available for one-on-one calls. Microsoft limits group calls of up to 100 people up to 60 minutes after a pandemic

Changes / updates for personal use are now made across web, mobile, and desktop apps. Previously, the preview was first launched on iOS and Android.

One of the best features provided by Team Update is “Together Mode” where people are placed in a virtual environment. Other than that, there are live emoji reaction and GIF features. In addition, you don’t have to be a Teams user to join using a native app or browser.

Microsoft claims that the team is better than Zoom because “the end of the call doesn’t end the chat within the team.” Citing this as a distinguishing factor between Zoom and Teams, Microsoft said Zoom is a virtual conferencing platform, and Teams is a complete collaboration platform that combines Slack and Zoom’s efforts into one huge product.

In addition, Teams users will be provided with a new cha feature that allows non-users to be added to a call or group chat with just a phone number.

All new features in Microsoft Teams are available today at no additional charge or registration.

Author: Seth Sale

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