Governer Gavin Newsom says wearing masks may not be mandatory in California after June 15th

Governor Gavin Newsom (Gavin Newsom) suggested in a television interview on Tuesday that California would cancel its mask authorization and instead support the “recommendation” around June 15, which is the end of the state of COVID-19 restrictions on the companies.

A news anchor asked the governor if they were looking at masks off after June 15 in a video clip.

Newsom’s response was: “No. Only indoors. Only in those huge environments where people from all over the world (not just across the country) gather and people interact in really dense spaces.

In other cases, there would be guidance, but no mandatory restrictions whatsoever said the governor.

However, as the school funding-focused speech at the Monterey County press conference on Wednesday was about to end, Newsom appeared to evade some of these comments, thus making a clearer distinction between masks in environments Interior and exterior.

“In this case, I want to clarify that if we reach (on June 15) the threshold that we want to reach, we will update our (outdoor) mask guidelines and remove these requirements in these guidelines. They will become guidelines or recommendations,” Newsom said. “But for indoor activities, we may still have some mask guidelines and regulations. But we hope these measures will be canceled as soon as possible.”

Newsom first announced in early April that the state plans to fully open the economy on June 15 and end the hierarchical structure that is distinguished by colors, which has determined the restriction rules for each county based on the activity rate of the county virus.

However, the governor and state health officials suggested at the time that, initially at least, at least some form of mask authorization still exists.

However, health experts are increasingly indicating that with the decline in the rate of COVID-19 cases in the United States, the federal government’s recommendations for face masks may be relaxed in the coming weeks to better reflect the level of lower risk. There is also growing evidence that the spread of the coronavirus outdoors is much less than when it spreads outdoors. Indoor transmission.

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